Become A Partner


ONEACADIA endeavors to be a proactive, forward-thinking business alliance that fulfills its mission and brings about progressive growth for Acadia Parish. As a member-driven organization, ONEACADIA depends on its partners who share the vision of a vital region that both attracts and retains industry and talent. Committees focused on high quality of life and a safe environment for residents who are educated and employable have a remarkable effect on the future of Acadia Parish. Through committee service partners can directly impact the climate and culture of businesses and families here at home.

Membership Marketing

Members provide oversight and guidance of marketing activities to promote ONEACADIA and membership growth. Members will consider opportunities and resources to advance the goals of ONEACADIA within membership and beyond as well as activities to retain and attract vibrant partners.

CHAIR: Laurie Suire

Special Projects – OneCOMMUNITY, partnership-building event; OneCEO Roundtable, exclusive event for Platinum-level CEOs; OneCOMMITTEE, all-committee partner event.


Members will provide oversight and guidance for programming for workshops, seminars and special educational and training events including but not limited to those for ONEACADIA members. Members will also consider regional institutions of learning and how to best partner for with them for an enhanced workforce.

CHAIR: Henry Helo

Special Projects: OneRESOURCE, a “power lunch” educational series for partners

Public Safety

Functions to identify, analyze and provide suggested solutions for the challenges and opportunities concerning the public safety of Acadia Parish residents.

CHAIR: Bryan Francis

Special Projects: OneBREAKFAST, inter-agency breakfast with parish law enforcement leaders

Business Advocacy

Members consider public policy and political issues that impact the business climate of the region. Members may consider other regional organizations whose policy agenda is reflective of OneAcadia’s and partner with them on events and issues.

CHAIR: Kim Bernard

Special Project: Service Road – public official outreach in cooperation with Economic Development Committee;

Economic Development

Members will provide oversight and guidance for the development of:

  • A business outreach program for both existing and new industries for the parish.
  • An opportunity-specific and action-oriented plan that fosters and advances infrastructure in the parish that would further economic development opportunities
  • A policy that includes collaboration with other regional organizations to achieve business development goals of ONEACADIA.

CHAIR: Danny Nugier

Special Project: Service Road – public official outreach in cooperation with Business Advocacy Committee; Business Visitation Program; Pitch Night Preparation