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OneAcadia Announces Guest Presenter for OneCOMMITTEE

OneAcadia will host its second OneCOMMITTEE Event at The Bank in Rayne this Thursday, June 26, from 4 to 6 […]

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OneAcadia Gets Regional Notice

Leaders of OneAcadia were extremely encouraged by the attendance of Wednesday’s OneCommittee Event held at “The Bank” in Rayne. Nearly […]

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OneAcadia to Hold First OneCOMMITTEE Event in Rayne

The parish-wide business alliance OneAcadia has gone “live” opening for membership, launching a web page (with a full-service web site […]

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OneAcadia Hires Interim Executive Director

Officers of the OneAcadia Board have hired Laurie Myers Suire to serve as Interim Executive Director of the new organization. […]

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