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Letter to The Editor

Posted on: July 17th, 2014 by Laurie Suire No Comments

Dear Editor,

Economic Development is a phrase that goes far beyond business and industry. It includes all aspects of a region that impact its residents and businesses – current and potential. It includes education, quality of life, and public policy. These are the areas of focus for OneAcadia.


We just completed a parish-wide circuit to share the message of OneAcadia: “What’s good for part of the parish is good for all of the parish.” We would like to thank Crowley, Rayne, Iota, and Church Point for their hospitality and support during our “tour” and for embracing the theme of unity.


“Love your community more than it deserves. You will get the community you deserve.” This idea shared by a leader in Acadiana resonated with our board as the fundamental reason we are building OneAcadia. The concept is unifying – and it’s what brought a handful of business and community leaders together more than two years ago to begin creating OneAcadia.


The leader who spoke of “romancing your parish,” Nathan Norris, has an extensive background in community building and urban development, having traveled the country for more than a decade for that expressed purpose. Essentially, he is well-versed in designs and opportunities that make a region attractive.


Not from this area, Norris shares an enthusiasm for Acadia that a life-long resident might. His assessment of Acadia is an intelligent one based on experience and exposure to so many other parts of the world.


If you believe in Acadia Parish and its potential as we do, you are not alone. “Acadia parish is a gem,” Norris says. He complements our compact communities, our preservation of agricultural land that lines the Interstate, our diversity, and our “sexy block size” and road grid system.


This “outsider’s” excitement for our parish – what it is and what it can become – is contagious, reminding us that we should be the best Acadia Parish we can be. With a clear vision we can become more – playing to our strengths and offering a home for residents and businesses that is uniquely ours.


We are in an enviable position: having diversity in culture and industry; offering a genuine atmosphere of community – both in our individual municipalities and as a united region; hosting coveted transportation features including roadways like I-10 and Highway 90, waterways and railways; and providing a choice to live in “Mayberry” communities with easy access to the hustle and bustle of larger cities. Residents and businesses who call Acadia Parish home have much to be proud of.


OneAcadia endeavors to be a driving force behind economic development opportunities and a parish-wide vision that will strengthen our position in the developing Acadiana “super region.”


Our search for partners who believe in this mission is ongoing. Designed as a business-alliance, OneAcadia welcomes partnerships with individuals as well. Partnership information is available at as well as on OneAcadia’s Facebook page.   Thank you to those 70 plus businesses and individuals who have become charter partners to date!


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


Laurie Suire

Executive Director, OneAcadia



PO Box 1582

Crowley, LA 70527-1582